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Tequila- Montezuma’s Legacy

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A tasting of 25 Tequilas was conducted in 2005 for this feature. The 25 participants included Tasters Guild NY members and Tequila representatives. Prices given below are full mark-up and may vary, as you are likely to find when purchasing. The numbered order does not indicate preference. Comments reflect the participants' impressions, as well as my own.


Montezuma Gold - $18. - Light golden color, Smokey, peppery, sharp & earthy.

- Herradura Silver - $38. - Clear color, aged for 40 days; fresh, fruity flavor. Spearmint, sweet metallic finish.
- Tres Generaciones Plata - $46. - 100% blue Agave. Clean, tea bag, sweet wood polish, oily finish. - FAVORITE IN THIS FLIGHT.
- Hacienda del Cristero Blanco - $48. - 100% Agave, clean light color. Triple distilled, floral, pineapple nose, peppery, fiery.
- Don Eduardo Silver - $38. - 100% Agave, triple distilled, briny nose that changed to a sweet nose. Cinnamon, peppery, round, full in the mouth.

- Monte Alban Mezcal - $25. - Caramel color, toast nose with a smoky finish.
- Talapa Mezcal Reposado - $23. - Caramel color using cane sugar; smoky sweet taste. - FAVORITE IN THIS FLIGHT.

- El Jimador Reposado - $28. - Pale straw color. Three months in oak, mellow finish with not much character.
- Reserva 1800 Reposado - $30. - Nine months in French & American oak barrels. Honey brown color, chocolate nose, slightly sweet flavor.
- Cazadores Reposado - $33. - 100% blue Agave. Aged in Kentucky oak barrels. Light color, mint taste and rather uninteresting.
- Corazon Reposado - $48. - Pale bronze color. Citrus, not sweet, soft, smooth, easy to drink with an herbal finish. - TIED FOR FAVORITE IN THIS FLIGHT.
- Patron Reposado - $50. - Six months in oak barrels. Lemony, dry and very Rum-like. - TIED FOR FAVORITE IN THIS FLIGHT.
- Gran Centenario Reposado - $50. - Light, slightly green golden color. Six months in French oak. Musty, earthy nose. Starts out sweet, but finishes dry, with tropical fruit flavors.

- Corralejo Añejo - $55. - Light color, double distilled in copper stills. Forgettable.
- Reserva Antigua 1800 Añejo - $38. - 100% blue Agave with golden amber color. Soft, smooth, complex flavors of chocolate & honey.
- El Jimador Añejo - $45. - Not as much character as previously tasted Anejos but ended lovely.
- Don Eduardo Añejo - $50. - 100% Agave, light color, aged in American Bourbon oak for two years. Complex, peppery and smooth.
- Tres Generaciones Añejo - $50. - 100% blue Agave; aged three years in oak barrels. Smooth and sweet on the nose and palate.
- Herradura Añejo - $50. - Deep amber color. Aged two years in oak barrels. Licorice, iodine, spicy, complex. For sipping like a Cognac or Brandy.
- Espolon Añejo - $52. - Dark amber color. Aged one year in white oak barrels. Vanilla & butterscotch. - TIED FOR FAVORITE IN THIS FLIGHT.
- Gran Centenario Añejo - $55. - Dark amber color. Minimum 18 months in small French oak casks. Spicy, earthy, mineral, vanilla.
- Cabo Wabo Añejo Milenio - $68. - Light color; One year in white oak barrels. A different, yet lovely funky nose. Subtle vanilla, caramel, honey. - THIRD FAVORITE IN THIS FLIGHT.
- Corazon Añejo - $75. - Dark amber color. Aged in American oak. Sweet, floral honeyed nose. Caramel and tea.
- Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia - $110. - 5 years in 50% French & 50% American oak. Toasty, butterscotch, vanilla, honey. A long finish that reminded me of brandy or Cognac. - TIED FOR FAVORITE IN THIS FLIGHT.

Agavero Tequila Liqueur - $30. - 100% blue Agave that is a blend of Reposado & Añejo. Aged in charred white oak barrels. Light color, sweet & smooth. 64 proof.

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