Fifty Best Zurich Restaurants
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  Cuisine: Swiss  
Adler Swiss Chuchi

ADLER SWISS CHUCHI            Swiss

The Swiss Chuchi is famous for traditional Swiss classics such as Fondue and Raclette in many different variations, along with other dishes from various Swiss cantons. The Cheese Fondue is a local favorite here. Specialties include sliced Calf's Liver with herbs, or sliced Veal with mushroom sauce, both served with Rösti. Most of the Wines are Swiss. Located in the heart of the Old Town, perfect for people watching.

At the Hotel Adler
Rosengasse 10, at Hirschenplatz      +41 044 266 96 66


  Cuisine: Mediterranean, Swiss  


Located in the 5-star Alden Hotel in the heart of Zurich's financial district, the Alden Restaurant features a seasonal menu of modern innovations on traditional Swiss cuisine with a touch of Mediterrean. An expansive list of fine wines. The elegant ambience makes it perfect for a business lunch or sophisticated dinner. During the warmer months, dine "al fresco" on the white terrace.

Splügenstrasse 2      +41 044 289 99 99

Alden Restaurant


  Cuisine: Swiss  

A l'Opera

À L'OPÉRA                          Swiss

Romanticism and art is so distinctly perceptible at à l'Opéra. The artist, Tatjana Tiziana, has transformed the restaurant into a surrealistic-baroque work of art, with motifs depicting various opera scenes. Preference is given to local and regional producers. The WWF label, "Goût Mieux", and the "Golden Fish" distinction of quality bear witness to the first-class origins and impeccable preparation of the raw products. Also recognized by the Guide bleu for its outstanding cuisine. Try the sliced tender "Zurich style" Veal in cream sauce with fresh mushrooms. Wide variety of Swiss and international wines.

At the Ambassador Hotel
Falkenstrasse 6      +41 (0)44 258 98 98


  Cuisine: Contemporary  

BLINDEKUH                 Contemporary

blindekuh (or blind cow), is the word for the game blind man’s buff. blindekuh Zurich is the world’s first completely dark restaurant. The blind and partially sighted staff, help guests plunge into their world for a short time. Those who experience blindekuh find out something new about themselves and their surroundings. Specialties include spicy fish soup with saffron, home marinated salmon, air-dried beef with olive oil and Parmesan cheese, and chopped veal with rösti. Small selection of fine wines from all over Europe.

Mühlebachstrasse 148      +41 044 421 50 50



  Cuisine: Asian  
Blue Monkey

BLUE MONKEY                       Thai

In the middle of Zürich's old city, this multicultural venue is an attractive blend of classical and modern. Affectionately called the King's Throne by the locals, the Blue Monkey serves top quality, authentic Thai cooking, by an attentive staff. The finest of raw ingredients are flown in directly from Thailand. For starters there's a spicy shrimp and glass noodle salad with chopped pork, or the classic grilled satay with peanuts and hot chili sauce. Try the grilled marinated beef with lemongrass and light chili-coriander sauce.

Stüssihofstatt 3      +41 044 261 76 18

  Cuisine: French  

BRASSERIE LIPP                   French

The light, the tiles, the paintings, the mirrors-- everything about this eatery emulates the décor and seating configuration of Lipp, one of Paris’ most famous art nouveau brasseries. Locals travel here for the lively atmosphere, and to enjoy the famous choucroute (sauerkraut) served in several styles. The oysters at the Raw Bar are a real treat, and the homemade fois gras is a must. Indulge in the bouillabaisse, followed by the country-style cassoulet. Boasts a wide range of French wines. Jules Verne Panorama Bar is a fantastic spot with spectacular views of the city.

Uraniastrasse 9      +41 043 888 66 66

Brasserie Lipp


  Cuisine: Italian  
Casa Ferlin

CASA FERLIN                      Italian

Family-run since 1907, the regulars keep returning to Casa Ferlin with its elegantly old-world decor of crimson velvet curtains and red table lamps. A friendly wait staff serves the traditional Italian specialties such as the superb homemade Beef Ravioli, Veal Fillet in lemon-cream sauce, and Beef Rossini, a juicy beef filet crowned with foie gras and black truffles. Nice selection of Italian wines.

Stampfenbachstrasse 38      +41 044 362 35 09

  Cuisine: Mediterranean  

DIE GIESSEREI          Mediterranean

The striking post-industrial design combined with romantic fireplaces and candle light, gives Die Giesserei in Zurich-Oerlikon its unique atmosphere. The 3 x 3 concept
(3 appetizers, 3 entrees and 3 desserts) for lunch or dinner is a gastronomic experience. The Chef, Claude Trefzer (awarded 12 points Gault Millaut), creates a new 3 x 3 menu everyday, focusing on the Mediterranean kitchens of Europe. An international list of wines complements the menu.

Birchstrasse 108      +41 (0) 43 205 10 10

Die Giesserei


  Cuisine: Swiss  

Glogge Egge

GLOGGE EGGE            Traditional Swiss

This cozy restaurant serves traditional Swiss and international food, just a short walk from the main station and the lake in the centre of Zurich. Worth a visit are the specialties including “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes”, Wienerschnitzelm, and the Lemon Ravioli. During the warm months, their outdoor garden is regarded as one of the most picturesque in town. The wine list offers a wide variety of Swiss and international selections.

At the Hotel Glockenhof
Sihlstrasse 31      +41 044 225 91 91

  Cuisine: International, Swiss  

HEUGÜMPER       Swiss / International
Located in the very heart of Zurich, Heugümper pays tribute to a sophisticated and sundry cuisine. Chef René Suter creates dishes with alluring spices that indulge the palate. His ingenuity and artistry ensures new culinary surprises, day after day. For starters there's the Vietnamese Vegetable Roll with Shrimps and Scallops appetizer. Savor the Shrimp-Lemongrass Kebab served on a bed of black Noodles with Saffron Sauce. Well chosen list of international wines.

Waaggasse 4 +41 044 211 16 60



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