Fifty Best Zurich Restaurants
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  Cuisine: Asian  
Blue Monkey

BLUE MONKEY                       Thai

In the middle of Zürich's old city, this multicultural venue is an attractive blend of classical and modern. Affectionately called the King's Throne by the locals, the Blue Monkey serves top quality, authentic Thai cooking, by an attentive staff. The finest of raw ingredients are flown in directly from Thailand. For starters there's a spicy shrimp and glass noodle salad with chopped pork, or the classic grilled satay with peanuts and hot chili sauce. Try the grilled marinated beef with lemongrass and light chili-coriander sauce.

Stüssihofstatt 3      +41 044 261 76 18

  Cuisine: Asian  

LAKE SIDE                Asian Fusion

Lake Side Bar and Restaurant is in a wonderful setting with terraces overlooking the beautiful Lake of Zürich. The cuisine served here is creative and varied­-- sometimes Mediterranean, traditional and Asian, but generally a fusion of all three, enhanced by influences from other regions of the world. Noted for their fish and crustacean seafood, try the Bouillabaisse, or the Tuna steak with coriander-chili-vinaigrette sauteed chinese cabbage and papaya, and of course, the sushi.

Bellerivestrasse 170      +41 044 385 86 00

Lake Side


  Cuisine: Asian  

MISHIO                     Asian

MISHIO (Mischio) is a Japanese name that is spelled with the characters for light and salt, both indispensable elements in life. Casual, yet chic, the design is linear and contemporary, dominated by wood and glass. Diners savor the fresh, aromatic cuisine based on the Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese version of street food. Specialties include the Chicken Satay with Vegetarian Spring rolls appetizer, and main courses of Beef Ginger Wook, Orange Duck. Winner of National Quality Award 2006 for healthy food.

Sihlstrasse 9      +41 044 228 75 00



  Cuisine: Asian, Mediterranean  

Tao's restaurant

TAO'S           Mediterranean/Asian

A cozy, romantic oasis in Zurich's pulsating banking and business quarter. Tao's celebrates life and fine dining in harmony with Far Eastern elegance. This stylish find fuses Mediterranean cuisine with an Asian flair, with notables such as Rock Shrimp Tempura appetizer, New Age Sashimi, whole Gruyère Chicken, and a superb whole Wild Sea Bass. The casual garden dining provides a charming respite in the center of the Limmatstadt. Chic lounge and bar serves food until late at night.

Augustinergasse 3      +41 044 448 11 22


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