Fifty Best Los Angeles Restaurants
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  Cuisine: German  
  Location: Downtown  


LA may have its fair share of 'dogs', but for the true sausage lover there is only one place to go to. Located in the downtown Historic Arts District is Wurstküche, the Belgium/German "Purveyor of exotic grilled sausages". Simple and clean, but with a unique gritty edge, living up to LA's quintessential relaxed, laid back vibe. The communal tables encourage a friendly community atmosphere, as foodies and wurst fanatics bite into the juiciest sausages in the city, gulped down with cold crisp beers.

The selection is overwhelming— with sausages for a variety of food types all served on a freshly baked roll. For the traditionalists, there is nothing better than the savoury grilled Bratwurst with mustard and chioice of two toppings. For vegetarians, the Mexican Chipotle will make fellow meat-eaters envious. For the gourmet, the apricot & ginger Chicken & Turkey sausage in a lamb casing is beyond sensational. And for those with daring exotic tastes, how about Rattlesnake and Rabbit with jalapeño peppers, or perhaps Alligator and Pork smoked andouille sausage? The crispy Belgian fries are outstanding, and even more satisfying with one of the homemade dipping sauces such as blue cheese, walnut & bacon or white truffle oil glaze.

Beer is a perfect combination with this hearty fare, and the bar pours a nice selection of mostly Belgian and German drafts and bottles. Don’t be discouraged by the line, it will be worth the wait.

800 E. 3rd Street       (213) 687-4444



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