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Fifty Best Cigars - Volume 1
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Oliva Serie O Perfecto

Serie O

The Oliva Serie O is a selection of cigars that commemorate one of the most famous tobacco families in the cigar industry. The secret behind this cigar is the proud heritage and the prominence of the Oliva family, whose contribution to the cigar world is immeasurable. It is well known that the Oliva's have the best wrapper leaf available. Made of all Cuban seed Habano fillers and finished with a silky Sun Grown Habano wrapper, this is a true Nicaraguan puro. And it tastes as good as it looks. An excellent pedigree, this cigar can be enjoyed by the novice and veteran smoker alike.

Miami 8/11

Padilla is a captivating tale of migration from the Canary Islands to the Cuban shores. Today, Ernesto and Carlos Padilla captain the Padilla name like a ship headed for continued success, showing every sign of longevity. Full-bodied with one of the loveliest oiled wrappers imaginable, this is a shiny, inviting smoke. As Ernesto says, "The Miami blend, is made by a friend of ours, who we've known since he came to the States, and I heard of even before he came here-- Pepin Garcia." The blend is assisted by Pepin, but like all the other cigars in the Padilla line, the results are magnificent, with the Miami blend rated slightly higher.

Padron 1964

Padron 1964
1964 Anniversary Series

Introduced to commemorate the company's 30th year anniversary, and produced with the same loving care and attention to detail that lives up to its name. The construction, appearance and quality, make Padron a top contender and a favorite among its loyal following. Lighting this beauty will reward you with a fine draw and complexity, enhanced by the smooth flavors of nut and cocoa. The ash remains affixed for quite some time, white in color, signifying a cool burn. This cigar is beautifully box pressed, and features a numbered guarantee bar-coded band to guard against counterfeiting. Everything about this fine smoke is regal and refined. The Padron Anniversary 1964 is what any cigar might aspire to be.

Serie 1926 40th Anniversary
Wrapper/Filler: Nicaragua

The Padron family offers this magical cigar in honor of its 40th anniversary, and might possibly be the best cigar ever created. It's that good! The only downside to this offering is the difficulty in finding one. You can't help but notice the impeccable construction. The quality workmanship provides dignity with almost flawless features. The natural Nicaraguan wrapper feels like the finest of silk to the touch. After lighting, the first 1/3 of the cigar imparts a nut-like flavor with chocolaty undertones. As the ash grows and clings on to the end, so does the complexity and enjoyment of this Padron. Luxurious for sure, and one of the best cigars you will ever smoke.

Padron Serie 1926
Partagas Serie P #2

Serie P #2

Celebrating the brand's 160th year, this Cuban only just arrived in 2005. The same size as the Montecristo #2, but different in flavor and in its heritage. Subtly spicy, this cigar embodies the classic Partagas character all the way. The wrapper is oily and brown with a musky scent that greets the lucky smoker. The cigar looks creamy and tastes that way upon lighting, with the famous hint of Partagas spice. It is a known fact that some cigars improve measurably with age. This is one cigar that will age and refine the longer it rests in your humidor. Some say this is the best cigar coming out of Cuba at present. Absolutely deserving to be among the fifty best.

Paul Garmirian
15th Anniversary Series

Produced in collaboration with one of the best cigar makers in the Dominican Republic. This cigar has reviewers raving, rivaling such heralded names as Monte #2 and Opus X, among others. The oily Colorado/Nicaraguan wrapper cloaks the filler and binder, creating a complex blend of flavors for the lucky smoker. An intriguing smoke, offering a fullness, yet, at the same time, rich and smooth. Five years of aging allows for this smoothness to develop. Taste cedar and hints of cinnamon, with the appearance of cocoa as the cigar reaches an end. The very fine construction and craftsmanship make this cigar a true masterpiece.

Paul Garmirian
Perdomo Edición de Silvio

Edición de Silvio

Edición de Silvio was created by Nick Perdomo, Jr. as a living tribute to honor his late grandfather, Silvio Perdomo. The origins of this tobacco is a closely held secret, known only to the Oliva family. Created as a premium of premiums, it is much more than that. By tasting this gem, you can bear to light that the tobaccos were resting in 50-year-old spice-laden casks. Cherish the complex tastes and the effort that went into this special offering. The experience will make you feel fortunate as you savor all this cigar can offer. The spicy, nutty undertones are delicious. Rich and creamy, you will smoke this Perdomo to the last bit of nub. The Edición de Silvio is the best of a great cigar-making company with a long tradition of excellence. Allow this cigar to captivate you . . and it will.

Perdomo ESV 91
Estate Selección Vintage (ESV) 1991

Prepare yourself for a smoke of monumental character and proportion. The construction is truly stunning. This luscious Maduro is oily to the eye, coated with a sheen that glistens. Earthy and robust, the sun-grown wrapper releases its full flavor enriched from the soil, plus 200 days of cedar aging. When smoked from start to finish, notice the various flavor profiles building in intensity, but always remaining silky on the palate. Coffee, cocoa, and spice mix and swirl in the mouth, as the superior complexity is fully achieved. Sweetness of flavor is apparent in the last third, along with peppery notes of pure joy. Hard to find, since quantities are limited, but it's well worth the effort. In fact, pick up a few. This is one cigar experience that should not be missed.

Perdomo  ESV 91
Pryme Gold

Limited Edition Gold

Alan Rubin, president of Alec Bradley is swinging for the fence, and hits it out of the park with this offering. The Pryme name comes from the corona or flowering top of the plant used for this cigar's wrapper. The wrapper is oily and very shiny because of its duty to protect the plant from the sun. Also called ligero, it is better known for power boosting characteristics from filler and not as wrapper. Well conceived by balancing the ligero's full aromatic flavor with a rich-tasting Mexican binder and four-nation filler blend from Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. This cigar is lustrous in a beautiful, glistening glow of appeal. Costly to produce, there is less than 10% yield from an entire year’s crop worthy of this medium to full-bodied cigar. With only 1,500 boxes produced, the Limited Edition Gold Series is a complex and rare find, arriving in humidors made from Nogal wood, indigenous to Central America. It is actually very easy to speak of this cigar in loving terms, as one dares to bring fire to the foot and begin smoking.

Puros Indios
No. 4

Cuban-trained roller and expatriate, Rolando Reyes, Sr. was a cigar legend. There has never been a more discriminating and skillful cigar maker, also regarded as the master of tobacco blending. The factory is in Honduras, but the cigar is reminiscent of Old World Cuba. Showcasing the talents of an incredible master, only a world-renowned blender could create the complexity of flavors. This medium-bodied jewel with the bright green band is a result of tremendous dedication and effort. A great choice for when you want to experience a straightforward, easy to enjoy cigar. The unrelenting quality control will ensure it. Very reasonably priced, so it will fit in your budget as well as your humidor.

Puros Indios

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