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Fifty Best Cigars - Volume 1
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Ashton Virgin Sungrown

Virgin Sun Grown

The Ashton label is a story of the Levin family. Robert Levin, whose parents purchased the Holt’s tobacconist in 1957, developed and launched this label in 1986. Since then, Rob has nurtured and built Ashton into the foremost position it holds today, as one of the most successful and sought after premium cigars in the entire world. Exquisitely blended by Carlos Fuente Jr., from the finest and most diligently aged Dominican tobaccos. Rated among the best since its debut in 1999, this baby is a well-rounded pedigree. The combination of aged tobacco and rare Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper, make the Ashton VSG a full-bodied, Kona coffee-like tasting smoke. Leather and cedar nuances ensue throughout the length of this prize.

XO Trio

Filler: Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

The Avo cigar is a dream brought to life by Avo Uvezian, its statesman and founder. At 71 years of age, in what must seem like another lifetime, he found himself playing piano in Palmas del Mar, selling cigars on the piano top. The year was 1987. Now drawing from his musical background, the Intermezzo is a symphony for the palate. Avo created the XO blend of specially fermented Piloto Cubano expertly matched with Olor tobacco. A magnificently shaped robusto cigar, with its length and ring gauge in perfect harmony. Slightly spicy, well balanced and delicious. Medium bodied, the Connecticut shade lends a creaminess to luxuriate in. This is a superb smoke, a cigar truly worthy of high praise.

Avo XO Intermezzo

Belicosos Finos
Havana, Cuba

The Cuban-made Bolivar is considered to be one of the strongest cigars produced. This is not a cigar for beginners. The brand was founded (possibly in Great Britain) by Jose F. Rocha around 1901, though not registered in Havana (Cuba) until 1921 by J.F. Rocha y Cia. This cigar is a Campana, or bell in Spanish, signifying its shape. Gaze admirably at the chocolate wrapper, and you will be enticed by the beauty of this seductive Belicoso. A bit aggressive, showing earth and strong peppery notes. Salty, spicy, with traces of black honey on the lips. Refined in its approach, providing a lingering experience for some time after smoking. Indispensable to any connoisseur's humidor, the Belicoso Fino is a powerhouse that will leave the accomplished smoker satisfied, content and smiling.

Triple Maduro
Filler: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras

The Camachos knew they were onto something the first time that they rolled three layers of maduro leaf into this enjoyable cigar. The concept works to such a degree of acceptance, as to merit a well deserved place among the fifty best. This is a real tobacco family, with a vast knowledge of creating quality cigars. They grow their own tobacco, manufacture the cigars, and distribute them, all privately. They even own the cigar bar located in Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers play baseball. Flavors of mocha, java and roasted nuts tease the palate. The triple maduro delivers a complex, refined savoriness as this dark jet-black vitola delightfully burns to its inevitable end.

Camacho triple maduro
C.A.O. l'anniversaire

Cameroon Robusto

Filler: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Cameroon

Under the guidance of Cano and son Tim Ozgener, C.A.O. has seen more creativity than any other brand. Over the years, it has become more popular with the introduction of even newer, unique blends. With all the accolades and merits of a Cameroon wrapper, this cigar that has been a hit since its launch in 1999. Not historically known for using the Cameroon leaf, the L'Anniversaire emerged onto the scene. All C.A.O.'s are special, but this gem has consistently stood the test of time. Handsome, regal and medium-bodied, this box-pressed gem is a big time contender. Nutty, balanced and oh, so slightly spiced. With the high quality of taste and feel, this Robusto will be steady and true to the connoisseur who has the wisdom to discover it.

Carlos Toraño
Exodus 1959

Filler: Dominican Republic / Honduras / Nicaragua / Costa Rica
Wrapper: Habano

The Toraño family left Cuba soon after the nationalization of all tobacco farms. The year was 1959, and this special cigar commemorates that event. Since its release, the Exodus 1959 has won numerous well-deserved accolades and ratings awards. Utilizing the tobaccos of a five-country blend, it is one of the finest cigars on the market. Elegant in every way, this box-pressed cigar is beautiful to look at and to hold in the hand. Impeccable construction, with the heft and feel of a well-packed cigar. The dark, chocolately appearance makes it look good enough to eat. Notice the easy, smooth draw upon lighting. Taste well-balanced flavors of cedar, nut and leather, with notes of black cherry, and a touch of spice. This is a cigar worth finding.

Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959
Cohiba siglo VI

Siglo VI
Havana, Cuba

Cohiba Siglo VI is one of the best cigars ever rolled in Cuba. Cohiba was originally a private brand supplied exclusively to Fidel Castro and high level Cuban government and communist party officials. Often given as diplomatic gifts, the Cohiba brand gradually developed a "cult" status. It was released commercially for sale to the public in 1982. The Siglo was introduced in 1992 as a salute to the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the Caribbean. The presentation of this somewhat elusive catch is inspiring, as the painstaking care of production is obvious. One might hesitate to put fire to such a creation, but you will soon give way to temptation. Soothe yourself with the perfect draw and razor sharp burn of this vitola. Count on being intoxicated by the myriad of aromas, along with an array of complex spicy, woodsy and earthen flavors. Seek this one out and make it your own.

10th Anniversary
Crown Corona

Cusano goes all out to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the company. The result is very Cubanesque in its approach, meant to be savored slowly to enjoy every last puff. The secret of this cigar is that it combines a 1996 vintage Cuban wrapper from Ecuador with a spicy Mexican Sumatra binder. Although the petite Corona is small in size, it's big in flavor. Measuring only 5 x 42, but loaded with pleasure and tea-like flavors throughout. This cigar has been very well received, drawing comparisons to the Montecristo No. 4. Even the packaging is elegant, with an engraved metal plate and serial number.

Cusano 10th anniversary
Cuvée grand lucero

Grand Lancero

This cigar gets its name from the French term found on wine bottles denoting a specific blend. Like fine Bordeaux wines, cigars also rely on the quality of terroir, climate, soil and care. These are the finest yields from the finest plantings, resulting in extraordinary refined flavor. You will immediately notice an extremely well-made construction. Rolled in a classic Lancero size, this cigar represents everything that a classic cigar should be. Rivaling even some of the best Cuban brands. Availability is intentionally limited to Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The Cuvée is a dark, alluring smoke that personifies good taste, complementing the hand of any discriminating smoker.


As one of the finest cigars, the Millennium pays tribute to a man synonymous with the fine cigars. Zino Davidoff, the son of a Geneva tobacconist, was born in Kiev, Russia in 1906. Zino became the first person to privately produce cigars for export that were sanctioned by the Cuban government. A good reason to commemorate the man, so this cigar is really done right. Rich, strong and extremely complex, with flavors that will swirl through your soul. As the most limited and powerful of the whole Davidoff line, this cigar honors its rich heritage with a flawless design, ultra high-quality, exhibiting the ultimate in good taste.

davidoff millennium
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