Fifty Best Cigars - Volume 2
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Avo Domaine <50>

This wonderful cigar is yet another masterpiece by pianist, composer and cigar connoisseur Avo Uvezian.

Blended to be a stronger version of the Avo Classic, the Domaine employs its wrapper from Ecuador and filler from the exclusive “Domaine Avo” finca in the Dominican Republic. This assures that each leaf is of the highest standard and of impeccable quality. The Avo Domaine <50> is a flawless cigar with nary a vein or blemish— one that could be proudly showcased on the top rack of a glass covered humidor.

As you smoke this cigar, the smoothness will delight and the slightly spicy notes will satisfy. Flavors of pepper ebb and flow along with cedar, earth, and leather.

This particular shape known as the Perfecto, is crafted by only the most gifted of rollers or torceadores. Unlike cigars with straight sides, these cigars are somewhat bulbous in the middle and tapered at bother ends. The shape is channeled for maximum effect, affecting the flavor in a positive manner, with the flavor changing throughout the smoke. Ahhhh, Perfecto!

Coming in at the medium to full-bodied range, the Avo Domaine <50> is a cigar to be savored. It is elegant and refined, possessing all the characteristics one would expect from a man with a flair for the finest things in life.

Avo Domaine <50>
CAO LX2 Toro


On the heels of the MX2 and the CX2 comes the third and most awesome of the X2 trilogy. LX2 stands for “ligero times two” and once again illustrates just how adept CAO is at pushing the envelope in cigar creativity.

Ligero is the strongest type of tobacco currently available, making this cigar as full-bodied as one could expect. Located at the top of the plant, ligero leaves receive the most sunlight and absorbs the most nutrients from the plant, providing for much higher potency. Beneath the superbly constructed oily sungrown Nicaraguan wrapper and Honduran binder, lay three more ligero fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

The cigar hints of chocolate and cherry wood flavors, exhibiting pepper and paprika notes. Body and strength builds towards the end. High five to the people at CAO for consistently producing exceptionally sophisticated cigars.

Don Pepin Garcia, My Father

Don Pepin Garcia, My Father
El Rey de Los Habanos

Currently one of the busiest and most sought after blenders, Don Pepin Garcia is a true master. The García’s are responsible for many of the finest cigars on the market, with a handful named as the fifty best.

The story goes that this blend was conducted secretly by the son, Jaime. When the cat was out of the bag, the father asked Jaime for samples. Praised by the father, and with true devotion, the son named the creation “My Father”. The wrapper is a stunning Ecuadorian hybrid Habana-Criollo from the renowned Oliva farms. The García’s use their own filler and binder leaf for this blend. Only 50,000 will be made available, so this is by no means a large-production cigar. In typical Cuban fashion, the cigar is bunched “Entubado” fashion (like an accordion) and triple capped.

Granted the cigar has tremendous pedigree, but the flavors are simply amazing. The composition delivers a harmony of taste and smoothness. The draw is effortless, releasing a heady aroma that fills the room. Complex flavors of cocoa and caramel, with earthy, leathery profiles, and the subdued yet evident trademark pepper. While not a morning smoke, its medium-full body will never steamroll the smoker into submission. Conversely, this cigar will finesse you all the way. Very satisfying indeed.

EO 601 Green
La Punta

The EO Brands portfolio has moved into Espinosa Cigars– a company launched by cigar veteran Erik Espinosa.

The Green-banded 601 is the latest addition to the 601 series. Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua exclusively for United Tobacco by Pepin Garcia. Immediately you notice the awesome appearance of the beautiful oily Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper. The burn on this cigar is flawless-- the shape lends itself so well to the blend. Rich coffee notes develop gradually. Peppercorn and spice become evident as the cigar reaches the middle point. A very full-bodied smoke, increasing in fullness towards the end.

This is truly a wondrously enjoyable smoking experience. An initial reaction might be to reach for another, provided you have the time. Find this cigar if you can and smoke one.

EO 601 Green La Punta

Graycliff Château Gran Cru

Founded by Graycliff Resort owner, Enrico Garzaroli, The Graycliff Cigar Company has achieved fame worldwide for its handcrafted cigars, produced within the lush tropical setting of Graycliff's prestigious resort. This cigar draws a maximum of flavor from the Costa Rican wrapper. The tobacco comes mostly from a farm owned and managed by the family, and also Honduras and Nicaragua.

Proclaimed the Gran Cru of cigars, this is a complex well-balanced symphony of a smoke. Absolutely stunning in appearance and in craftsmanship. The double purple bands even further express its uniqueness. The Gran Cru to its credit is lacking sheer overpowering brute force, and therefore perfect for the novice and seasoned smoker alike. The cigar is however full of complexity and depth. Smooth, refined and full-bodied.

Upon lighting, the creamy texture of the smoke is always in attendance as the various flavor notes peak and ebb. The seasoned smoker will fully appreciate the nutty, toasty, vanilla compliments. This cigar was deservedly praised at the 2005 Retail Tobacco Dealers Association trade show, and is now easily one of the fifty best.

Graycliff Château Gran Cru

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial

Hoyo de Monterrey
Epicure Especial

Hoyo de Monterrey was established in 1865 by Jose Gener, and is named after the fertile valley in the Vuelta Abajo which has been farmed by Gener since at least 1860.

The Epicure Especial is widely considered the crème de la crème of the Hoyo de Monterrey line. The Especial is extremely well constructed, exhibiting superior quality throughout. Great looking with its lovely dark brown wrapper and attractive double band, this medium-bodied cigar shows wonderful depth upon lighting, evolving as it burns. The ash is solid, and not flaky at all.

As in most Hoyo de Monterrey cigars, the Epicure Especial gently flows over the tongue with light, rich and aromatic sensations. Cocoa spice and chili pepper flavors swirl about the palate. Woody undertones resultant from a very earthy base is apparent in the mix. This is one complex stogie.

The Epicure Especial will benefit from aging, so stock up on these— smoking some now and savoring some later.

La Aurora Preferidos
1903 Edition

The perfecto is a wonderfully shaped cigar, considered by many to reach the apex of the torcedores art. Elegant and yet masculine, elaborate yet practical. And when it comes to perfectos, the Preferidos are the best of the lot.

After aging in oak barrels to acquire a woody undertone, the tobacco is handcrafted by one of seven rollers. Due to the meticulous care and dedication afforded the making of these Preferidos, only 100 can be produced per day. The beautiful oily Cameroon wrapper is flawless, revealing the toothy nature attributed to this leaf.

The distinctive shape handles particularly well and is very comfortable in the mouth. Upon lighting, this cigar will show varying degrees of intensity and flavors. The profile is cedary and toasty in character, with a coffee bean bouquet. Continued smoking expresses delightful hints of cream, cocoa and spice, along with earth and woods aromas.

La Aurora Preferidos will suit the cultivated palate . . . perfectly balanced and refined. It will smoke smoothly and burn evenly from start to finish, culminating in the connoisseur’s satisfaction everytime.

La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Edition

La Perla Habana Black Pearl Morado

La Perla Habana
Black Pearl Morado


Created by Doug Wood, this cigar has taken on the industry by storm. Paired with coffee and wine selections, the Morado is featured in the Black Pearl “Lifestyle Collection”. Imagine the concept of smoking a cigar with coffee in the morning and again with wine in the evening. For now, let’s focus on the smoke.

The very delicate African Cameroon wrapper is coveted for its unique flavor profile that cannot be duplicated. The concept for this cigar was birthed in 2005, and conceived to mark the 10th anniversary of La Perla Habana. But the scarcity of this wrapper had us wait . . . until now. Finally available and most welcomed as a fifty best nomination.

Superior construction as evidenced in the fine tooth on the wrapper and pleasant pre-light aroma. A nutty honey-like taste springs forth upon lighting. This cigar will accompany you through a multitude of sweet and herbal flavor essences, with rich cherry and citrus orange notes. The novice will also appreciate the medium-body and creamy smoothness of this fine smoke. Morado, we like your style.

Liga Privada T52

Drew Estate
Liga Privada T52


The Drew Estate Rebirth of Cigars took the cigar world by storm in 1998. Now enter Liga Privada. Translated it means "private blend", since it was created for Steven Saka, the President of Drew Estate.

The Liga Privada T52 cigar is an amazing cigar. Extremely limited, its unique concept and format harkens back to a bygone time. The secret is in the stalk-cut wrapper— a much more costly method to produce, seldom, if ever, employed these days. It’s a process where the entire tobacco stalk is cut and removed to dry, as opposed to picking each leaf one at a time. The advantage is a richer, fuller, more oily and flavorful leaf, reminiscent of the “Old World” Cubans.

This cigar is sheer beauty to behold. Oils are just about oozing from the wrapper and the flawless construction is evident. The filler comes from seven different countries, including Nicaragua, Dominican and Honduran.

Pleasant notes of cocoa and coffee abound, balanced with touches of a peppery presence. As so many of the best cigars, this is not for beginners. Complex, but not overpowering. This is a cigar for the connoisseur, asserting its fuller body beautifully.

The T52 has set the bar very high. Although hard to find, these cigars are truly the best of the best, and deserve your efforts to locate them. It is a pleasure to smoke what the boss is smoking.

Padilla Signature 1932 Robusto

Padilla Signature 1932

The Padilla Signature 1932 is named after the year Ernesto Padillo’s father was born. Heberto Padillo was a friend of Ernest Hemingway, and a noted Cuban poet whose poetic style was like a great cigar: balanced, full flavored, and serene. Aptly named, since the cigar is as fascinating as Heberto.

For starters, the pedigree is a Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, lovingly aged for five years, imparting a unique taste experience. This vintage jewel also contains Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Criollo binder and filler.

The cigar possesses a stunning, satin-like sheen with very small tooth on the wrapper. Some would say its a work of art. The burn is razor-sharp, inspiring the smoker’s quiet fascination. A graceful smoke albeit full-bodied yet not overpowering, creamy with toasted nuts and spice. The harmonized flavors are deliciously complex . . . you simply cannot put this treasure down. Most assuredly a fifty best, available in extremely limited quantities.

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