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Irish Cream Liqueur
(Ireland; Pernod Ricard USA, White Plains, NY)
17% abv,  $19.  96100
CLASSIC / Highest Recommendation
Opening aroma rings with lovely, sweet scents of cinnamon, candied walnut and double cream; with time the bouquet accentuates the nuttiness and the cream in the most congruous manner imaginable. Palate entry is satiny smooth, delectably creamy and properly spiced; at midpalate, the creaminess takes on a bittersweet cocoa quality thatís utterly spectacular. Concludes nutty, creamy, bittersweet and spicy. Without question, the finest, most sophisticated, most whiskey-centric Irish Cream in the marketplace.

    T     H     E  
    F   I   F   T   Y  
    H O T L I N K 

Marie Brizard Cacao   

Marie Brizard
Cacao White Liqueur
(France; Marie Brizard USA, Bardstown, KY)
25% abv,  $18.  96100
CLASSIC / Highest Recommendation
The opening whiffs find intense aromas of metal, brass and fruit pit; aeration allows the bouquet to become more roasted, green pea- and cocoa bean-like. Palate entry is tightly wrapped and astringent; then at midpalate the cocoa flavor detonates on the tongue and, bam, itís a glorious ride to the lip-smacking, tongue-blanketing, whip-cracking finish. What a rush, what a classic! Best Buy.


Sylk Cream
by Drambuie
(Scotland; Bacardi USA, Miami, FL)
17% abv,  $22.  96100
CLASSIC / Highest Recommendation
First nosings offer stunning scents of citrus rind, malt whisky and light cream; later sniffings accentuate the fruity, honeyed, malty aroma of the whisky and add flowers and whipped egg white. Palate entry speaks of malt whisky, not overshadowing the honey or cream; at midpalate, the floral/blossom-like honey quality is more pronounced, becoming an equal partner with the whisky. Finishes moderately sweet, very creamy and malty. Only Drambuie could concoct such a liqueur marvel.

    T     H     E  
    F   I   F   T   Y  
    H O T L I N K   

Cafe Boheme Liqueur  

Cafť Boheme
(France; Kobrand Corporation, New York, NY)
16% abv,  $22.  9095
SUPERB (90-95)/Highly Recommended
Overriding scent of black coffee in the opening inhalations; aeration releases additional aromas of cocoa butter, nuts and dark chocolate. Palate entry delights the taste buds with succulent, creamy and bittersweet tastes; the midpalate highlights the cream and coffee bean components. Finishes creamy, lush, balanced and delicious.

Espresso Liqueur
(Italy; Niche Wines & Spirits, Cedar Knolls, NJ)
28% abv,  $25.  9095
SUPERB / Highly Recommended
Whiffs find an intensely bean-like aroma thatís simultaneously bitter and cocoa-like. Palate entry is startlingly bitter and intense; at the midpalate, the espresso intensity fades slightly, but definitely picks up in the cocoa-like end. An ideal topper for vanilla ice cream.

  Illy Cafe Liqueur

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